How our assessment works

It starts with the right questions.

It’s not just knowing what questions to ask, it’s knowing how to ask them. We have developed an academically-rigorous methodology that gets to the heart of what people want and expect from their working lives.

This unique system looks for patterns, connections and correlations between employee responses, taking you beyond just identifying how your employees feel – it uncovers why they feel that way.

Beginning your anti-racism journey

Your journey will lead to far-reaching change and take you where you need to go to make a difference. Wherever your organisation needs to go, we’ll be with you at every step to make things as simple as possible.

A typical journey will include the following six stages:

1. Planning

Before launching your anti-racist survey, use our intuitive journey planner to identify key milestones and timescales that will take you, step by step, through everything you need to set your surveys up for success. Build your project team within the journey planner and assign tasks to make delegation easy and effective.

2. Survey

We recognise the importance of flexibility when surveying your employees so have made it easy to create your own bespoke surveys to suit your organisation’s needs.

Build your survey starting with our core statements and if you want to gain greater insight choose to add additional statements from a selection of verified and benchmarkable statements or add some of your own. The survey is completely secure and confidential, giving respondents confidence in the integrity of the survey. When your survey has closed, you’ll receive an Anti-Racist Index (ARI) score – our unique measure of how anti-racist your workplace is.

3. Analysis

We’ve built a suite of sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools to help you explore the rich and compelling data your survey generates. Our unique analytics software takes you beyond statistics to create an accurate picture of how your employees really feel. They also enable you to see where in your organisation the challenges and opportunities lie to become truly anti-racist.

4. Accreditation

If your ARI score is high enough, you’ll earn an accreditation from 1 star through to 3 star. This offers organisations a tangible framework for benchmarking and improvement. It also generates positive marketing and PR opportunities, raising your organisation’s profile as part of a regionally and sectorally recognised accolade.

Whether you want to attract and retain top talent, benchmark your organisation against others or simply recognise and celebrate you becoming an anti-racist company, an accreditation from 846 can make that happen.

5. Action

Using insight gathered from our survey we will be well-placed to help you dvelop an action plan for improvement, encompassing your whole organisation. It starts with coaching and supporting leaders at all levels to concentrate on areas to celebrate and improve across your organisation. We then provide everything you need to roll out action planning workshops. If you would like more interventions we host workshops and improvement programmes that can give you and your organisation the power to the culture and truly become anti-racist.

6. Get Listed

Take the opportunity to feature amongst the highest-scoring organisations on the Best Anti-racist Companies to Work For lists. As well as being a celebration of your culture there are unique PR opportunities to showcase your organisation on a national platform.

Ready to play your part in ending structural racism?

Explore 846 Accreditation for your company today.